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 Forum & Chatbox Rules

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PostSubject: Forum & Chatbox Rules   Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:56 am

Rules and regulations for the chatbox and forum.


1. No SPAMMING! Any and all spammers will be dealt with properly after a warning.

2. No racism, arguing and no fighting. [Racism means offensively calling someone a name based on their race. If you are friends with them and your "name calling" is on good terms, we will not interfere.] Arguing and fighting between two people can be taken care on Dueling Network private chat.

3. Simply put, don't annoy people. Be it admins, mods,members or Beginning members, don't provoke anyone and do not try to get a reaction.

4. Keep a peaceful environment in chat. Competition is at the heart of this game but let us enjoy our days and nights on chat, instead of having to deal with overly aggressive or competitive people.

5. Goes without saying, but treat all positions with respect and do not ask anyone for a promotion without having earned that right or having gotten a message from an administrator.

6. Premeditated malious behavior can go to day ban instantly.



Kick/ban from chat for approx. 300 seconds or 5 minutes

1 day ban from chat

3 day ban from chat

1 week ban from chat

LAST RESORT: If you are too out of hand and keep breaking rules, you will be placed on permaban.
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Forum & Chatbox Rules
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